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2011 gt500 conversion questions


ok i was swapping a 96 cobra 4.6 in my 86 Notch but now have come across a wrecked gt500. What parts beside the normal engine and pcm harness, hoses, coolant system, etc do i need. i would guess the throttle pedal? can the later hydro clutches be converted to cable? do i need the body harness ? i plan to use the fox dash and harness but want to make sure i grab everything I'll need. has anyone here done this conversion using stock harness? the ford controlller and harness is out of the question for me. any insight would be great i would love to drive this car this year lol,


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Welcome to the site. I can't tell you much about the GT500 swap. The 96 Cobra swap would have been more my style. I would say, grab everything you can. Better to have and not need than to need and not have.