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Fs: Exhaust setup for mod fox

Im going w a different setup w my mod fox and have no need for this exhaust (going from a whipple 2.3L to a single t76 and some juice)
$250 takes it all (headers + mid pipe + cats) if interested feel free to text/call 904 402 0433, I also got other parts that I might consider selling for the right price such as PA supercomp C4 w a bullet proof converter built by Alan Pope.....


Im in north florida, jacksonville... mufflers are flow masters, I cant recall the headers, I have no use for the setup and is just taking space in my garage


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Any idea how much shipping would be to New Jersey? 07054

I'd definitely like to know what type of headers if you can see if there's any markings just so I have an idea if they will work on my car, did you have them on your fox?
Yeah I had them on my fox, car had a whipple 2.3, fully built 4v mod motor, pa supercomp c4 tranny etc... made over 600rwhp on a conservactive tune, and around 800rwhp on kill mode... im not sure on the shpiping bud


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Ok, definitely interested, just curious how much shipping is first. If you could get a quote first that would be great. I'll PM you with my number