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Lightning engine into a Foxbody


New Member
Hey guys,

First time posting here but I'm trying to do a lightning swap in my 1984 Ford Mustang since we do alot of performance upgrades to lightnings and a customer left his old engine here for us to keep. The engine is from a 2000 Ford lightning with supercharger and everything. Mustang has a 1999 mustang T5 transmission with a 8.8 rear end. I know the rear end will hold up but I dont think the T5 will. What else do I need besides a different transmission to run this lightning motor in the four eye?


Well-Known Member
Staff member
Welcome to the site. On the bolt in side, you will need a Kmember from a 96 to 04 Mustang GT. I recommend the TR 3650 Tranny for if you are staying 5speed. You can adapt the engine wiring harness from a New Edge Mustang GT (not my forte). You will need a different tranny crossmember. You will need to hydrobooster for the brakes to work. That's a good start. Make yourself at home. Start a build thread and post some pics when you can.