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SOLD SCT Live wire 9600 with pats disabled tune for LLX3 Cobra computer

Long story but I ended up with two SCT 9600 live wire's.I used one on my 90 Mustang with a 96 Cobra swap and this one I am going to sell.I sent the one I am selling back to SCT and it was updated with SCT's latest software and returned to unmarried with 5 unlocks.This tuner has the exact same tune from Lee Blankenship that my other tuner has and it works great.Basically what the tune is,is a 93 octane tune with the anti theft disabled and the rear 02 sensors removed.I am asking $300.00 o.b.o shipped to your door.Thanks DSC03525.JPG DSC03530.JPG
Sorry I forgot to update the thread that it's already been sold.If you buy one of these tuners and need a pats disabled tune Blankenship tuning in Shelbyville Kentucky did mine for $75.00 and it works great.