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A little outta the Norm but heres my project. 1992 Mercedes 300ce coupe with a 4.6 mark viii

Discussion in 'All Other Conversions' started by importedhonda, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. importedhonda

    importedhonda New Member

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    so ive gotta really nice black 92 mercedes benz 300ce which is a coupe (similar to what used to be referred to as a "hard top" ((no b pillar when windows all the way down)))

    anyway i originally bought a 2003 mercedes s500 with a 5.0 v8 but come to the realization that the electronics are so far from even being feasible at the moment.

    so i went and bought a 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII to pull the drivetrain from. I used to own a 97 mark viii lsc and i loved it which is why i just purchased the 95.

    any advise or tips as far as electronics go with the lincoln would be much appreciated. especially pertaining to the Passive Anti theft system, does my 95 have it? if it does i might just go ahead and run a ECU from a crown victoria police car for now to eliminate the "chipped key" crown vics are over flowing in the junk yards here so its an easy option
  2. 1fstcoupe

    1fstcoupe Member

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    Wow that's going to be a huge project, Good Luck

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