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TFI Module Relocation Remote kit for Fox body Mustang

Discussion in 'All Other Conversions' started by FatFoxx, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. FatFoxx

    FatFoxx Member

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    Hey guys, I know most of you all have modular engines that you are running so this kit will not be for you. For the rest of the guys out there....Fox Mustang Restorations is selling this TFI Module Relocation kit for all those guys that have the TFI Module still mounted to your distributor. Here is the link http://www.foxresto.com/products/view/1864/1986_93_TFI_Relocation_Kit
    This kit fixes the TFI problems that I am sure everyone on here has experienced at least once. The TFI is mounted on the distributor that causes heatsoak from the engine. This in turn breaks down the internals of the module and causes studdering, rough idle, total car shut off, and misfires. A bad TFI module can cost you a lot of money. Replacing the TFI and PIP gets expensive not to mention the road side service and ultimately the tow bill. Just thought you guys should know because it will come in handy down the road!
  2. ModFoxMustangs

    ModFoxMustangs Well-Known Member Staff Member

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    visit our other site www.foxbodymustangs.org

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