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1985 Mustang, dash pad or dash cover?


Are any of the dash covers ( the ones that fit over the existing dash pad of good quality?). My car is a daily driver not a custom jewel. I suspect these snap in? and /or are glued in.... I've tried to repair the existing dash BUT am not too happy with the results.

The only other ones I find are complete replacements dash's and cost a lot more.


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I've never had good luck with dash covers, but they are a lot cheaper than new pads.


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I'd also suggest a new pad instead of a cover. I haven't personally had one, but I've seen cars with them and they look and feel kinda cheap and you can definitely tell it's only a cover. I just bought a new pad from cjponyparts, made by dashesdirect and they're supposed to be some of the best quality repros you can get