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1994 Thunderbird with a 98 Cobra motor running rough

Rick Sadler

New Member
Hi guys. well I have a 1994 Thunderbird with a 98 Cobra motor. I did not do the swap,it was done at a Mustang shop in Miami about 8 or 9 years ago. The car was a 6 cylinder. They installed a used 1994 computer out of a V8 Thunderbird because in 94 V8 T-birds they used an OBD2. I had a bad misfire and it was the coils. I have since replaced the plugs, wires and coils and it ran good for a while. No it is running a little rough at idle and pops a little when cold going through the gears and jerks a lot. It gets better when it warms up but still seems to be lacking power. It's not throwing any codes at all. I checked the MAF with a meter and cleaned it and that looks ok. My next thought is maybe O2 sensors or a coolant sensor? Also they do not have any vacuum going to the egr valve. Any thoughts on this? thanks in advance. I am new to this. I found out about this site at ford carlisle.