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2008 GT500 into a 79 ghia

Fede Di Tommaso

New Member
Hi! I'm Federico from Argentina, i own a 1979 mustang ghia and i really want to upgrade it....
the last year i bought a Complete engine/transmission/diff from a totalled Shelby gt500 2008, i have allready ordered the k-member for the engine install but i don't know if the trans will fit in the tunnel, and also, what about the space for the steering shaft...
any suggestions or any guides that could help me with the build???


There are not many guides for the 5.4 swap that youll find. There are some FB groups for the 5.4 swaps that have information but its VERY limited. Most of the projects youll find, the OP never posts again. The steering shaft will depend on your header choice for sure nothing a hammer wont solve.


Well-Known Member
Staff member
Federico, bien venido. Welcome to the site. D3 is right that there is limited information. The basic parts of the swap are very similar, but the challenges from the size difference do happen. You might try contacting our friend Brian Figg at Stifflers. He makes tranny swap crossmembers and has done a ton of work on stuff like this. He's a good engineer. Start a build thread and make yourself at home with us. I think it sounds like an exciting project that will give you an awesome ride and probably the only one like it in Argentina.


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I have done a 5.4 4v swap, but it was not into an early fox chassis.
I have a naturally aspirated 4.6 4v in a 79 Zephyr right now, and it is pretty tight but not too bad.
Was able to use stock hood with some 1/4” K member spacers.
Your supercharged 5.4 is gonna be tall, you may want to look into k member spacers, a cowl hood, or both.
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