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302 a/c on a 5.4?


Active Member
So i was thinking i am wanting to run a/c on my 5.4 mod fox y cant i run the 302 compressor on my 5.4 if i build a bracket? Does anyone know if they spin the same direction?


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Staff member
The compressors do spin the same direction. Other than making sure your pulleys match up, there really isn't a reason you can't use the older compressor. Line fitment may be a minor issue, but nothing that can't be overcome.

Memphis Modular

Active Member
Seems easier to keep the 5.4 compressor and adapt lines to work. brackets for that and the comp is just gonna take more space and its limited. could prob swap over most 99+ ac parts and do very little fab work

Svt Fox

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Staff member
I would love to see the guy try. He'd have to reverse mount it or run some kind of spacer and additional pulley.