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Forsale 4.6 4V conversion harnesses - OEM 03 Mach1 ECU & Fuse Block/Headlight harness, 99/01 Inj harness


I decided not to go through with my Mod swap in my fox so I'm selling the OEM wiring harnesses I collected. I have an 03 Mach1 computer and fuse block/headlight harness. I also have a 99/01 Cobra injector harness and manual transmission harness. The ECU harness was purchased from another person who did a mod motor swap, I believe it was a 2V to 4V, but it has some wire splices and cut wires. The other harnesses are in good condition, but dirty, as they are wreck yard pulls. I'm selling them as-is. $350 + shipping for everything.


George Rose

New Member
very interested in the parts if you still have them can you email me pictures im not able to open up the ones on the thread


Yep, everything is still available. Shoot me your email address and I'll email them to you.