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87 GT 2v build

I picked up this 87' GT from a coworker for $600. It had been neglected, and had sat in a parking lot for the last 7 years or so, but the body was straight and it was rust free. 3971
Once I got it home, priority #1 was to get rid of the 1990s wheels. I decided a proper 5 lug swap was the only way to go about this. Of course, once I started tearing into this thing, it seemed like for every 1 thing I fixed, 5 more broke or needed attention. I ended up replacing pretty much everything in the suspension... control arms, 95GT spindles, 99+ calipers, struts, shocks, tie rods, etc. The wheels are 18x9 & 10" SVE series 1.
Don't let that before pic fool you, the white paint was in terrible condition. I had to replace the door molding and rear hatch. I also decided to do a full LED conversion to all the lights. Since the paint was garbage, and the car now 3 different colors, I decided to try my hand at plasti-dip. I've painted cars before, but thought this would be cool to try. I was really happy with how it turned out.
The engine was just a stock high mileage 302/T-5. Only mods were shorties and a throttle body. It had a rough idle and the T-5 would grind in every gear. I had been chasing the rough idle issue for months, and just when I think I had figured it out, the oil pump took a dump. I saw this as an opportunity/excuse to do something different and drastic. Coyote swap was out of the budget, so it was between an LS swap, 4.6, or an EcoBoost 2.3.
Either way it was time to pull everything and sell the old stuff. I hit up a junkyard and grabbed a K-member out of an 04' v6 and a complete hydroboost setup out of a 98' GT. I also went with a MM hybrid solid steering shaft and 99+ rack. I then came across a complete 4.6 out of an 02' Mountaineer. I thought this would be a cool engine to use since it's all aluminum. I honesty thought the hydroboost conversion was going to be the most challenging part of this swap, but it wasn't bad at all. The factory 98' GT lines weren't a perfect fit, but they worked fine. I also used the MM brake line kit to make that part of the swap easy.
The engine only had 30,000 miles on it and everything looked good. I swapped out the oil filter adapter housing for a mustang one, which made it apparent that the timing cover could not possibly work. There would have been no possible way to mount the power steering pump. I picked up a mustang one and got it bolted up, but one of the bolt holes near the water pump didn't line up. I just made sure it had a good seal and then plugged the bolt hole with a plastic plug and RTV. The intake manifold could have worked, but it had one of the heater hoses on the front which would have been in the way, so I picked up a mustang one. I then got all the pulleys on, new valve covers, 6 bolt flywheel, clutch rated for 500ft/lb, and decided on some BBK shorties. I also had to grab some fuel injector adapters since I was using the Mountaineer ones , and a 98' GT fuel rail so I could re-utilize the fox fuel lines. I didn't trust the coils that were on the engine, so I picked up a set of MSD ones.
Dropped right in like it was meant to be there. Pulled it back out though to attach the T-45 and drop it all in together.
Test fitting everything. I re-used the fox radiator with 99-04 hoses. The heater hoses required some rigging to work. I'll also have to sell my Autometer speedo since it's mechanical, and pick up a GPS one at some point. I have the engine harness, ecu harness, battery/starter harness, and dash harnesses out of a 99-04 mustang. Still figuring out the wiring of a few things, but getting close. Still need to bleed the brakes and hydroboost. I also still need to hook up my driveshaft and exhaust. I'm hoping to be able to fire it up sometime in the next week or so.