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91 fox under dash harness jumper to sn fuse block under hood


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@Eddie13 needs help with car.

"I cant get my car to start , how did you guys do the jumper harness from the passenger side kick panel to the driver side any pics


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I need more information about your swap before I can (maybe) troubleshoot the problem. Is the car not STARTING or not CRANKING? Also, is your under-hood wiring '98 and earlier or '99 and later? There are significant differences between '98 and '99.

If it's not cranking, you'll want to take the red wire with the blue stripe, the one that used to connect to the Fox starter solenoid next to the battery, and make sure you're getting 12 volts to ground with that wire when the ignition key is on START. The current goes from the ignition switch to a connector in the driver's side kick panel, from there to a switch on the transmission, then back to the kick panel, to the clutch safety switch (or a bypass if the car has an automatic transmission), and then to the starter solenoid. When another member on this board changed engine and transmission, the connector to the old T-5 transmission didn't fit the switch on the new T-56, so he just left it hanging there. With no connection to the transmission switch, he wasn't getting current to the starter solenoid. It took us several e-mails and at least three phone calls before we found his problem.

benstein IBC

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@Eddie13 you still around or did you bump and run..:)
lol. i apoligize for him not responding but hes actially helping me with my build, we got it to crank bit wont start some guy told us to put the stock foxbody starter solenood with the foxbody dashboard harness and interior fuse box and the sn cobra computer i hope now its just the pats... we have fuel and cranking.... fingers crossed... thanks for your guys help