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97 cobra pats removal


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Ok so we have been taking the 4v setups out off cobras, mark8s and navigators and making them work in other cars

Heres what im dealing with ...i have a customer that is in love with sn95s ..his was a 94gt and he wrecked it BAD. Well he bought a 97 black on black cobra for 1500 that had been used as a donar for a 46 ford coupe
He kinda used the 94 gt as a donar for the 97 cobra.(kframe,ecu,engine harness,trans,driveshaft and exhaust) then scrapped the 94 ...he got scared and is paying me to finish it i got it all together but i have never even seen the 94 gt other then photos so ive had to source parts as ive gone along

So my problem is anti theft is blinking and i get no fuel pump if i hotwire the fuel pump it runs and runs good

How do i remove the anti theft box ?


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You would most likely have to get it tuned or you will have to use the key from the old 94 since pats is trying to sense the key. This will only work if he used the ecu from the 94, which you said he did, or you can also try placing it near the ignition cylinder. Your other option is to get a handheld tuner and get a tune that disables pats. (Passive anti theft system)


Old post, and I'm sure you have it squared away, but 94-95's didn't have PATS. The 94-95's had a module in the trunk area that was part of a factory anti-theft system. If he didn't bring that module with the swap he's going to have issues because the car will not start without that box. Many of these cars also had a key fob that had a "Theft" button, if you don't have the fob and he did install the box all you have to do is get a replacement fob off ebay and follow the setup instructions. It's insane that the only way to resolve this back in the day was to have the programmed fob or jump the wires going into the module. The work around available if he has the trunk module involves jumping 2 wires that go into the rear module. I don't have the specifics but I have seen multiple threads on it in other Mustang forums, should be a fairly easy search.


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Actually all he had was the engine harness ....i fought it until stuff started smoking i gave up tried to talk him in to a stand alone harness he refused he was so fed up he almost gave me the car it stayed here for months waiting on him to decide something finally i was ready for it to leave because he wouldn't do anything or spend any money to finish it ... then all of a sudden he asked me to carb swap it i did he paid and it left ..... but thank you for the reply and the advice