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For sale section??


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There are some of us around still. I get contacted from time to time about the aluminum block upgrade or how to do something specific, but we really don't have a lot of builders that seem to want to post up at the moment. My last couple of builds have been on the SN95 chassis, so not much to see there. When I went to Carlisle this last season, all the mod foxes has coyote motors with the Ford wiring. They really hadn't done much to the rest of the car other than what you would do if you were doing a stock restoration. I didn't see a single one that had done an interior swap or any of the work that requires the level of planning that goes into one of these. The flip side to that coin is that a coyote swapped fox is or can be a great performer and is easy to work on. I have considered it myself. I have several projects lined up waiting for love before I can do that