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Forsale Fox to Sn95 Hybrid Steering Shaft


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I have made a few hybrid steering shafts for my own projects, but if anyone else would like one made, and does not want to spend $240 on the MM steering shaft, or still wants to have some rubber inbetween to prevent vibration, I can help. You can see the shaft at this link, which is the one I have on my car, and on my project 82.
At the moment I only have sn95 steering shafts so would need to get some fox shafts to create them, but I would like to see if anyone is interested first.

If you provide the components, both fox and sn95 shaft, it can be done for $40 plus shipping costs. For $120, I can provide the entire hybrid shaft.
20160222_152527 (1).jpg 20160222_170435 (1).jpg


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Thanks for letting them know Xporter, I didn't get any notification of people commenting here so I had no idea.