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Forsale Fully built mod fox

Ok, so im entertaining the idea of getting rid of the fox, as much as I would love to keep it and put it back together I simply dont have the time (im a truck driver and spend quite some time away from home)
The car is a '89 couple

Bottom end:
*Teksid block cleaned, decked and bored .20 over and line honed
*Arp four main studs # 256-5701
*Forged crankshaft
*Clevite main bearings ms2259hk
*Clevite cb1442hk rod bearings
*Arp side bolts #156-5002
*Manley h bean rods
*Arp 2000 rod bolts
*Manley 18cc dish pistons with valve notches
*Tooled steel pins
*Total seal molly rings (top ring filed to .019 and second filed to .012)
*MMR hurricane oil pump with oring and billet gears with 3/4 pick up tube and windage tray
*New MMR timing assembly with upgraded tensioners and new 4 piece guides
*03/04 cobra heads ported with bowl work
*Oversize manley intake and exhaust valves
*32 new guides and seals and lifters
*Crower springs
*Crower retainers
*Crower stg 2 blower cams #62822-4 (475 int and exh lift duration at .050 is 222 adv duration is 252/264 idle to 7250 range)
*Comp Cam adjustable cam gears (set at 6 degree)
*Arp head studs #156-4101

PA supercomp C4
Stall converter was built by Alan Pope in Callaban FL

Rear end:
Full spool 8.8

Fully adj tubular suspensión
Tubular k member
Anti roll bar
On the old setup car pulled 1.2x 60 ft pretty consistent

Full a1000 system set up for e85
Aeromotive a1000 pump, reg, etc
Stainless steel fuel cell

Power adder

Single 76mm turbo (turbonetics)
Water to air

The list goes on and on, a LOT of time and money invested, when I built the motor I had a nitrous malfunction after barely 1500 miles and spun a bearing so I pulled the motor back out and sent it back to the builder whom went thru it and sent it to machine shop and ordered the necessary parts to put it back together but I havent been home for a bit over 2 yrs so the just set waiting to be get reassembled...

Thats a vid of the old setup, back when it a lil 2.3l whipple

Anyways im listening to cash offer
If interested or got any questions 904 402 0433