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looking for feedbacks on Dunne rite harnesses

thanks John

I requested a tech or instruction sheet from them and haven't got anything in return. do you mind sending me a copy (if any) of the one you got with the harness ?
maybe they do not want to deal with foreign buyers ?
thanks again

here are a few questions :

what does FRCM stand for ? is this for fuel pumps ? sorry but these acronyms are hard to translate in French !!

how do you hook the tach ? I'd like to keep the stock tach so is there a wire or an adapter needed ?

I saw connectors to engine harness, ECM, fuse box. where the other connectors go ?


I know these are basic questions but it would really help if you answer these.

john mac

Active Member
fcrm is the controller for pcm power, fuel pump power, fan power, and a/c power. not sure what it stands for exactly. there are fuses and relays inside the fcrm. you will have to take the cover off to run the hot wire(heavy gauge red). there are 3 heavy gauge wires, black, red, orange. the red goes to positive(+) batt post. black goes to negative(+) batt post. and orange is the power for the electric fan, it has a 40 amp relay and fuse built in the the dunne rite fcrm, so you can hook it up directly to the positive fan wire, or run a relay for the fan to keep the amp load off the fcrm(thats what i did, just use the orange wire from the dunne rite to a trigger for a relay mounted under the hood.) fuel is controlled off a FPDM this is a actual ford part, dunne rite should have sent you a extra harness, plugs into the dunne rite main harness under the PCM and you run the harness back toward the rear of your car and mount the FPDM and then run the pump power wires from there. also in this small harness is a couple other wires, the tach wire is the yellow wire(hook up to tach or tach adapter) orange is for the a/c selector switch, and on my dunne rite was a white wire, this wire goes to the ignition switch, positive power when key is in start and run. let me know if there is any differences or questions, ive talked to dunne a few times and they are vague about things, some wires on my harness were assembled with the wrong color so it made me question a few things so i called to clear them up, and they still have not returned my email on how to wire the a/c correctly.
thabks a lot, this more than all the infos on Dunne rite website. I have not ordered the harness yet but will do in a couple of weeks.

I am going to save your answer in my files

thanks again
got an answer tonight, thought I would share


Being that the Street Rod Harness is such a simple one, we do not have any technical documents for it, though we do offer one on one tech support for all of our customers through their project build.

With the 4.6 4V Street Rod Harness the connections are as follows:

42 Way Connector to '03-'04 Cobra Engine Harness
PCM Connector to PCM
16 Way Connector to 16 Way Pigtail, wires are labeled individually indicating destination
8 Way Connector to 8 Way Pigtail, wires are labeled individually indicating destination
8GA Red Wire to (+) Battery Terminal
8GA Black Wire to (-) Battery Terminal
2 Way IAC to IAC
MAF Connector to MAF

You also get a OBDII port with this harness...

Please do not hesitate if you have any further questions.

Thank you,

David Beauchamp



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I believe I have decided to go the same route with my wiring thanks for the info. Have you decided what dash harness to run, fox wiring or cobra wiring. I really would like to keep fox wiring in mine and run a fox cluster but still trying to research this to see what is involved .


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Speedo will need to be converted from a 5V pulse of the ecu to a cable to run the speedo. Cable-X will do it but I dont like mine because you can hear the little motor running. You will need a msd tach adapter to get a signal off coils and convert for the tach to work. Assuming your using the stock fuel tank send everything else should work with a little wiring.


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My 88 guages run out to quick. Would you suggest 90-93 guage cluster or the dakota digital guage cluster when keeping oem harness. Would the 90-93 cluster be a plug and play?
What is needed to run the 03/04 Cluster with the dunne rite setup???? I have the dash harness(cobra) Engine harness(cobra) and Body ECM harness... however looking at the dunne rite setup looks alot cleaner setup ..... but will it plug into the 03/04 cluster?