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Teksid 2V Tech Article (Must Read)


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I love those curves. The fact that it hits peak torque early and doesn't drop off significantly as the HP rises is going to make it a really nice setup to drive both on the street and track.


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A follow-up on this build... i just made a 6-day road trip of 2109 km (1318 miles). Several mountain passes to about 5000' altitude, hot weather (33-36C), almost all highway driving, "spirited" highway driving at times ;). So far after 10882km (6801 miles) this Teksid 2v is performing flawlessly. My observations:

1. The engine stayed in the operating temperature range on the longest hills on the hottest days. I'm sure the external oil cooler makes a difference, thanks for the suggestion, Bill!
2. It will accelerate up any highway grade in southern BC and Alberta in 5th gear, and most hills in 6th. The power increase over the original engine is noticeable.
3. I'm impressed with the fuel economy. It used 180.3 litres to drive 2109km... 39.54 imperial/ 47.4 US gallons for 1318 miles = 33.3mpg Imperial or 27.7mpg US.
4. The improved front to rear weight distribution (along with steering and suspension upgrades) has made this a very enjoyable GT car, perfect for long highway trips on straight or twisty roads.
Here's the dyno sheet for the final 3 pulls. So far this project has turned out better than i was hoping for, and i've learned a lot :oops: ...regards, kevin


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    2004 Mustang GT dyno final.jpg
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