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What wiring to keep

I'm starting to clean up the engine bay and getting it ready for the 4.6 swap. I'm curious as to what parts of the stock fox harness I will need to keep. I'm wanting to use the original gauges and stuff like that. So far I've pulled the passenger side ecu harness. I'm assuming I need to keep the drivers side harness for all my accessories and the light harness and stuff right? Any help please!


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Most switch out all of the harnesses ,I just cut and soldered the fox ends onto my donor harness.and plugged then right in
Well I'd like to keep stock gauges and keep as much of the fox harness as I can so I may try that. Have any problems with it?


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If you check out the wiring section there is a bunch of ways to wire these swaps futura made his own jumper harness and used his stock dash harness,ponyboy used whole donor harness I used whole donor harness.it's really all in personal preference and knowledge of wiring


I'm there with you wrazel...but leaning towards aftermarket cluster. So I should be able to simplify hopefully.

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In doing mine if you look at my build I have the stock Fox gauges with the new harness
Would you say its easier to retain the stock cluster or swap to a newer cluster? I like the look of the newer cobra clusters, just trying to figure out which would be a bigger headache..