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Foxbody 4.6 Dohc Swap


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Hello everyone thought I would share my build everyone. First off I am 34 years of age and I absolutely eat, sleep, and breathe mustangs. In the past couple years I have had about ten fox cars and three SN95 cars. My car started off as 4 banger 5 speed car, I bought the car as a rust free roller, and I knew the moment I saw the car what I was going to do with it. I have wanted to build a 32V fox since the 96 cobra came out but never could find the right car for the swap. So I rounded up a Mark VIII engine and a few more things and get started on it, still a long ways from being done but it is well under way. I have enjoyed every moment of the build and I hope you all enjoy it to.

The roller


The dream

The donor engine in the Mark


17x9 and 17x10 cobra 4 lugs


32V cleaned up and ready to go in for test fit





Stock k-member


Slotted k-member


Installed and fit like a glove

More goodies


Steering shaft issue I need to fix LOL

Homemade distributor


Grabber blue covers and the engine is done


New model radiator and fan and cleaned and painted engine bay


The start of the paint job

My personal engine build plaque I actually made this at my work lol on company time (may be corny to some but I LIKE IT) LOL


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Well got a little bit more done today its just a time consuming process. Got new brake lines run and hydraboost bolted in and coolant tank mounted, not sure a stock hood will work though, will try it over the weekend. Anyways here is the pics.

New lines

Coolant tank



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Well finished up the engine harness today, and got the motor back in the car for another test fit. Still need a tranny to fire it up but thats all in good time. Enjoy!!!!!




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I have to say that I love it. The dizzy is cool I can't say that I have seen any one do that yet. So in my view it deserves the custom build tag! Way to think outside the box.


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the dizzy was my buddies idea he has a 67 fastback with the same setup. saves a ton of money on harness's. and it does get peoples attention. LOL


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Well after days of aggrevating quick660 about his car and seeing some pics ( thanks again by the way ) i have come to the conclusion that i am gonna change my radiator setup to similiar to his and due away with the resevior tank up top and do the side mount tank. A couple of advantages to this setup over the way mine is now, one it looks cleaner IMO and two makes bleeding the coolant system ALOT easier, and third i may actually get my factory hood to work thus for saving me some cash on the build. LOL


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Well got the old style fox radiator back in mounted up and done today also got electric fan mounted and adjustable fan switch mounted. Gonna order a new overflow tank off the bay. Want to give a thanks to Quick660 for the pics of his setup, thanks again Here is the pics.


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I haven't had any experience with mod motors relative to the old style Fox radiators. They seem a bit small. Do you anticipate having any cooling issues? I went with a Steeda Supercool and a two speed Taurus fan and total shroud. It moves 4500 cfm on the high speed. I used a power steering cooler from an F450 as my oil cooler. It is thin mount, only weighs 3 pounds and adds an extra quart of oil. It mounts easily between the radiator and AC condensor and is cheap at a salvage yard.


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Well i just want to thank you guys for the inspiration you all have given me, seems like i was losing steam on the old coupe until i seen some of your alls projects, it got me motivated again, so thasks again. With that being said i got some more work done today bought some parts and installed them. I got a overflow tank, some FI rubber hose for the fuel lines, and a battery box gonna relocate to the back. Fabbed up a bracket for the power steering resevior, didnt have an idea where it was gonna go until i decided to move the battery and presto it hit me like a brick. I think it will work, i hope plus it filled the hole where the battery used to be, so here is some pics ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
$13 dollar battery box with strap and $13 dollar overflow bottle